Sunday, October 3, 2010

Log Cabin Days in Ohio for Hochsetler Milling

LOG CABIN DAYS in Ohio at the 
AMISH Hochsetler Mill
Well worth while visit 
Hochsetler Mill in Ohio
Amish covered wagon.

Horse and Amish buggy at Log Cabin Days

 As we know I have built my fair share for this company and it is one of the best log products  out there for   quality , price and ease to both the homeowner and the builder. Hochsetler puts on a LOG CABIN DAYS every year ,yet I never attended. However ,when I learned that the next home I would be building was a Hochseter for the Wallace couple  in North Dakota, I discovered  from the sales rep Mike O'Neal, that he had arranged to have the very logs that I would be using to build their home , milled for their demonstration !I  dedicated myself to attending the exciting event. I thought how exciting it would be to see the logs from the beginning steps on veido threw the entire process. I was right. Although the videos are noisy it is a first hand look at something that is usually not seen.
Amish log Milling machine which is seen in video.
Logs ready to ship

Apple butter making at Log Cabin Days find Amish recipes here

Amish women Roasting  a tasty marshmallow

Amish making homemade ice cream, which was delicious !

The "fruit" of the Amish labor... creamy chocolate ice cream....yummy!

This video shows how the AMISH of Hochsetler in Ohio put the RUSTIC LOOK on the logs . It is a fairly simple technique involving plenty of elbow grease and a sharp tool which is very much like a hammer with a sharp claw.

Amish at Log Cabin Days in Ohio 

Allot of interesting activities to see
and watch or participate in!

Artists creating lovely wood cravings.Here we see an American Indian and old man . 

 Folks could watch builders doing a log stack. This home was raffled out at LOG CABIN DAYS!
Axe throwing competition at LOG CABIN DAYS!

In this third video you can see right inside the factory and see the giant machine that is used   where the 8 x8 logs go into to be milled.

Four Amish women taking a rest at LOG CABIN DAYS in OHIO

Amish family takes a a break from the heat and crowd

Amish women rushes with her cup of coffee

rare shot of  AMISH father and child

SIKKENS stain vendor available for asking questions.

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