Original log cabin homes

Finish dry in home for FRANK MERRON in North Carolina , he built the Raleigh model 

He choose Eastern White Pine
"Eastern White Pine is lightweight, soft, even-textured, light in color and easily worked, making it a great choice of pine log homes. Eastern White Pine is probably the least resinous of all pines. Its remarkable durability is evidenced by the number of houses built of Eastern White Pine in New England 200 or more years ago still in existence."

videos of
Patriot Log Home Builders 
in various stages 

Green stewardship 

Day 8 log stack ORIGINAL LOG CABIN by Patriot log home builders

Full Log Cabin Original Log homes Raleigh kit in North Carolina built by PATRIOT LOG HOME BUILDERS

Patriot Log Home Builder assists in setting 1st. logs with ORIGINAL LOG Home owner Frank Merron

A home  built by Patriot Log Home builders from Original The Raleigh kit made it WORLD NEWS