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Stick frame cost compared to log home cost
First of all building a log home costs more than building a stick  frame home . Why? There requires much more skill , specialized tools and it is very important to point out that while building a log home the process of the  "dry-in" includes putting up the interior walls, insulation of exterior  walls is included (the log is the insulation and finish) in some cases, the ceiling is insulated and finished (with a built up roof system) these expenses are additional costs in stick framing and are covered in log home dry in bids. The standard price, to the best of my knowledge, for stick framing  is any where from $4.00 to $7. 00 a square foot, depending on location. This price is simply for erection of the  2 x 4'/6 stick framing ,  plywood , setting windows and doors but NO SIDING,  or insulation ! These are all extra. Now you need additional bids for soffit, siding, insulation and finish  for walls and ceilings.  This would be a dry-in, partial finish bid.

Remember that dormers, decks, porch roofs, chimney framing, trimming of  exterior windows, spindles and handrails,  and stairways are extra costs.

When these additional costs are added in, for dry-in construction ,your cost per square foot could very likely be close to what it would be to build a log home, which is about $15.00 to as high as $35,00 square foot. So do not be fooled. Get the compete picture.
I make pricing a log home simple. I found  that there are many methods to approaching pricing ,  one is taking the inside  square footage and multiplying it by x, amount of dollars, when a builder gives you this price you want to be sure to ask what other costs are involved. When shopping for a log home builder, be careful for one builder could tell you $10.00 a sq ft and then add on tons of extras !

 You could think what a great price, however he more than likely will be adding on extras, such as the price for all dormers, typically $2500.00 for each dormer, decks and porch roofs  , another $4000.00 or more, interior stair cases, installing windows and doors, trimming windows and doors, chimney framing, felting roof, cutting out electric outlets, and many more. The result you budgeted for $10.00 a sq ft and end up spending closer to $25.00 or more.

When I am asked "What is a bid for my log home?" I charge $30.00  per square foot on the main log home. This is to give you a quick idea of your building cost, take your home calculator and quickly add it up. For the most part I will include many extras, such as some porch decks etc...  I do often do not need to see the  final print as I include in this price : dormers, porch decks/roofs,trimming of windows,  etc.  This is not confusing for anyone.  I include a DUTY FORM CHECK LIST. Clearly showing what I do for $30.00 a square foot.  Now there is only one exclusion to this, if I am given after viewing the preliminary prints or familiar log home kit plan, substantial changes in roof framing, beams , and extras, their will be additional costs. But that should be expected.

In the event that you do not have a full log garage, and are stick framing it with half log siding/with soffit, I charge simply $15.00, typical 500 square foot double car garage is $5000.00. (does not include installation of garage doors) windows ? Yes.

What do I charge extra for? *
  • staining and pressure washing 
  • spindles and handrails
  • extra work below sub floor-basement walls and  walk out basement
  • framing of chimney
  • certain high end locations (resort towns,etc...why? room/board costs)
  • homes that exceed 2000 sq ft may have a higher sq ft cost
  • beam stairs 
  • tradesmen supervision if requested (when homeowner is their own general contractor)
  • excessive snow removal
*Remember please that while on the job you may come up with a creative idea and ask can you do this? Patriot wants to please and do "extras" for the homeowner but they will often result in additional charges, not always, but generally.

So if you have a large deck with a porch roof, which most log home owners choose, and several dormers including complex roof system with steep pitches , then you have gotten a good price. Most will price higher for steeper roof pitches (as do shinglers)  . This type of labor is easily justified with additional costs, they are more work, from a few days to weeks. I however, have decided to simply  and take any additional work load so that any homeowner can know with ease, what it will cost them to build the dry in phase of their home.

 For example, a typical three bedroom , 2000 square foot log house is 2000 sq. ft.  x $30.00 = $60.000.00 .  Now remember this is what it includes
  • sub floor 
  • log walls
  • all partition walls
  • drill all electric outlets threw logs and beams  (consult with electrician if needed)
  • framing of all roof, main, dormers , porch roofs
  • plywood roof 
  • all decks
  • setting all windows
  • setting all exterior doors
  • trimming exterior windows
  • trimming exterior doors
  • install all fascia 
  • install all soffit
  • build staircase
  • move walls at costumer request 
  • consultation to homeowner
  • work with all other trades men*
  • operation of fork lift
  • unload semi-truck will help
  • provide all tools necessary to build
* tradesmen
Why it is important that you have an experience d log home builder like myself. Many tradesmen have never worked on a log home before.
1. shinglers/metal roofers I many times will load their shingles to the roof, if the lift is still on site.  I consult with them how to flash the full logs .
2. chimney /fireplace trades
I consult on how to either attach either to the inside or the outside of the full log and how to put it threw the roof system , cutting out the rough opening of the full log  for the insert or the firebox, i.e with a chain saw. In fact I often do this for them as an act of curiosity, for the home owners benefit and once again the aesthetics .
3. lumber yards
When in the event that the homeowner is required to provide additional supplies, I work with the local lumber yard, for delivery dates, what kind of material and provide measurements, qualities etc.
4. General contractor 
 I have worked with a multitude of general contractors. Simply put... I play well with others. I believe in keeping open communication with the general , respecting   his role.
5. Inspector
I show up for inspection when required and comply with specific state and local codes
6. Electricians
There is a very good chance that your electrician has never put in electric before in a log home. They can be slightly intimated by this process. I understand this and I show them their options and guild them to hide the wires(with plumbers-piping and with heat/air conditioning trades-vents) to persevere the over all aesthetics of the integrity of the log home.

DO IT YOUR SELFER? Stacking your own logs? Consider hiring Mike for the duration of the log stack, he will train, bring his tools and get you $$$ and have the assurance that you get the right start.


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Mike consults with homeowner on RUSTIC LOG HOME

  Brave homeowner from Mikes home town area is in the process of building his own log home. All the trees have been removed from his own forest, hand hewed and fitted. It is a very old fashioned method, rustic look, yet allot of hard work. Mike stopped on the site for some much needed advice as the project has come to a stand still. The log stack was begun with out a foundation poured, however the stack can be taken apart and reassembled on a foundation at a later date, but this is much more work.  Mike made this visit as a curiosity to this delightful homeowner whom Mike bonded with right away! He has made his expertise available when the homeowner is ready to tackle it once again.

It is important that if you are so inclined to proceed in such a manner, a do it your self kind of man, Mike is happy to take your calls and give you some much needed advice that can save you needless hours of work and save you in material costs with his suggestions. Call 608 547 4129. In addition, Mike can be contracted to help out with the roof, the hardest part often , especially if trees are involved as rafters, he can help you get over that part , and you can finish up. email him with plans www./ for pricing or give him a quick call with your thoughts.

Mike Hompertz 608.547.4129

Rustic tails

Trees waiting to be stacked, drying and peeled

Lovely tails !

Discussing next steps

Nice afternoon!

Friday, January 30, 2015

Log home kit buiding pricing....what to avoid.

Patriot is one of the few Log home builders in the industry that builds across the nation, has received accreditation and recognition in the media. When considering buying a log home many factors come in to play, first choosing the log home company. This is an important and time consuming process , Mike Hompertz is happy to receive calls from potential homeowners who are in this beginning stage. As Mike has built for nearly all the major log home companies in the industry , he can compare apples to apples . It is helpful to acknowledge that all offer similar features, most claim they are the best, the most affordable , or can supply all your needs, (one stop shop) yet in this time in our society, as with most avenues, the consumer needs to be self educated to some extent, to avoid the pit falls of an aggressive over eager sales person. The choice of which log home company should fit your needs. Mike can help in this process, offering free consultation to buyers in the beginning stages. Call him direct at 608 547 4129

Patriot is not directly affiliated with any log home company, does not receive commissions or other compensation but rather is completely independent. He is a builder of log homes not a salesmen for log home companies . This is a distinction worth noting. Log home companies refer him to their buyers as a qualified builder because they know he can get the job done , is reliable and trustworthy. Log home companies have Mike Hompertz , Patriot Log Home Builders on their preferred builder list, because they are confident that he is one of the best ! Period.
Most importantly you do not want an inexperienced builder, or one that has only build stick frame housing to build your log home. Why? It may cost less, but this is a highly skilled profession and you don't want the inexperienced , non professional log builder , to build your home. Patriot has built for at least a couple dozen different log home companies in his past 20 plus years experience. Everyone wants to get the most for their money, it is human nature. Clearly if one does diligent research , cost can be reduced and those savings put into other resources, such as upgrades in the kitchen or bathroom. Yet , DO NOT , reduce those building costs in the first stage of building your log home. Reducing costs in the rough phase one, log stack , and roof framing process is not advisable. Initially , it is one of the highest costs other than your kit. But to cut costs here, time and time again, has proved to be risky at best. 

There are hundreds of qualified STICK FRAME builders and general contractors who build stick frame homes or structures , meaning 2 x 4 wood, insulation, dry wall and exterior siding. When researching a bid you will find that they price the cost of their building by square footage and it is substantially lower than a log home builders price per sq ft. Ranging from $4.00 (stick bid) to as high as $ 30.00 or more (log home). There is a reason for this. The old add-age "you get what you pay for " is still true to today for a reason. Many stick frame builders when confronted with their first opportunity to bid on a log home, will clearly underbid to capture the business. DO NOT LET someone who has never built a log home build yours. So much can and has gone wrong, stories abound, and these foundational mistakes can rarely be corrected and then it exceeds and throws your budget out the window. Be prudent. Ask yourself, what is their internet presence, are they recognized, can you see their work on line? Clearly Mike Hompertz meets all these criterion.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Montage video of Patriot Log Home Builders

Coventry log homes Quality full log home kits for all price ranges


Post by Patriot log Home builders.

Find Coventry here    find affordable and practical log home kit from this quality company that blends integrity with a no nonsense sales team, in place to solve the solution of wanting a log home and matching it to your budget. There are classic designs to complete custom prints and packages. Patriot log home builders Mike Hompertz highly recomends Coventry log homes!

CALL MIKE 608 547 4129 FOR ???"S 

Patriot builds for new Log home company in the UP

Patriot Log Home Builders erect 12 x 4 pine dove tail chinking log cabin/lodge in Upper Michigan 

      Warm, inviting, tradional log home kit buildt by Patriot Log Home builders. This is Patriots current project. Pariot has been subcontracted by a new company which offers something very unquie from other companies if it is the taste you are looking for. More old fashioned as these logs have the grooves cut in them for chinking. 
     What is chinking? Chinking is the broad white band you see inbetween  logs in the log stack. I gues you could say the walls look kinda striped.  Historically, chinking was used on  a log home to protect  wind  and icy cold from howling in between the spaces of the  logs. 

As the snow clouds roll in and evening approachs roof felting is finshed up
     Chinking has come a long ways since the inception of log homes. Modern chinking is designed to look like the old time mortar but is much more elastic.  For the most part you should have a Professional chinking contractor do this work as it is not easy and requires skill.

Back of house ! Impressive with walk out basement. deck will wrap around the whole house, the only way to go in my opinion...

This is the proch roof on the back, how lovely! great design... T & G wood makes a great place for sitting under on a rainy afternoon on your deck. This overlooks a great peice of land

This is the front of the house which at this stage does not really look at that impressive and really is deceiving in regards to its size. You need to see the back with its deck, which will extend around to the front...we are working on this project right now and expect it to be complete in a few more days
this is a lovely site to build a log home in the UP...the back is landscaped with large boulders

FIRST days , we scope the site...amazing that after 8 days we almost have a log home up!

Here is some of the shipment of the logs. Again these are 12 inches tall! with chinking grooves...what is chinking?  It is how the old fashioned log homes were made... for a modern distributor Click here

lets talk about the importance of a fork lift! don't let a log home company tell you that you don't need one to build your log home...which is commonly done with Sales people to take off a few dollars in your project. They are imperative to the crews safety and protect your logs.


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Mike Hompertz and new crew build in the hills of TN

Call 608 547 4129 ask for Mike

Mike Hompertz of Patriot Log Home Builders went to the hills of TN to build a Coventry Log Home for homeowner pictured in center, Laura. The new crew that joined Mike is from TN as well. Great friendships were formed and Mike found kindred spirits with Andy and Tobby. Check out the videos of this great home.
IMPRESSIVE! Who would not love to have a ceiling like this to look up to ? large round beams set off the tongue and groove. admittedly this was no easy feet to build. but with an experienced team and dedication it can be done.