Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Hochstettler log home under construction




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The most recent log home that I have built in the rural country side near Mauston Wisconsin for a husband and wife as their vacation/hunting home. On this home I charged $18.00 a square foot. I typically charge $20.00 sq.ft. However, since this home, is more or less in my back yard, I was able to lower the cost. I stayed on site with my truck camper. This way I am able to watch over material and my tools while on site. Since this homeowner does not live in the location of his vacation home , he had increased security. I often, if conditions allow, stay on the job site,this lowers overall costs for me, which I then pass on to the homeowner. As a log home builder, Hochsetler milling is the log home supplier on this home which I built in Wisconsin. Visit the Hochsetler Mill on line.
Square footage is about 1700. It is a three bedroom, 2 bath home , with a great room and loft. This log home company is builder and homeowner friendly. I have built many Hochsetler homes during my career,they are one of my favorite to build. The kits provide structural and aesthetic beams which gives the feel of the traditional log home.

This is the two story back with walk out basement.You can clearly see the beams protruding from the bottom of the roof . I began to build this home the beginning of October 2009. We encounter our fair share of bad weather, yet the "dry in" was completed in the first week of December. About 6 weeks .

The inside of the beam floor and roof system,with tongue and groove ( t/g) on all floors and ceilings. Full log gables and dormers give this home a clean , rustic earthy log home style.

This is a nice view of the under beam porch roof which you can see is not only decorative but structural. Oh, that's me on my cell phone talking to a potential log home owner.

I couldn't wait til this wood fireplace was installed, as you can see it is already giving us plenty of warmth while we continue the finish work. I built and designed the fireplace mantle built out of Doug fir beams. Note how I gem cut the ends. I provide the service of installation of fireplaces and will do mantles. For instance I managed to save material from the stairs, posts and beams and used this in the facade and mantle.

When I build I am always conscious and very frugal with my homeowners material.Often due to nearly complusive planning ahead, I am able to save excess material and supply plenty of ideas of what we can do with it to enhance their log home, from accenting beams with trim to building, custom doors, to a log pinic table for their out door porch.

This is the inside of the beam rafter and full logs of the dormer on the second floor. Initially the homeowner was unsure about full log in dormers. From my experience , when this option is pursued, it eliminates several steps and believer it or not saves on material.

When one sees dormers on a log home they are rarely full log, rather they are stick frame, plywood and half log siding which requires insulation, vapor barrier and tongue and groove or drywall.This homeowner is thrilled that he took this option. I am one of the few builders who recommend and build both full log gables and dormers.

These are the beam stairs that I put in that go from the main floor to the loft. This is often considered an extra in my building bid and is part of the Hochsetler Deluxe package.

I will be beaching this home and staining it in the spring, and installing the metal roof. This winter I will be installing the hard wood floors and finish trimming windows and doors and other interior finish items, all which I will be posting as I go. Questions call 608 547 4129 and ask for MIKE.

Take a look at the gables, the part above the first floor, when I refer to full log gable, that means that complete logs go all the way up, rather than what the diagram shows, with the half log siding.


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